Services 超音波検査項目

IVF/Egg Freeze

Fertility Ultrasound Monitoring System


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Follicular monitoring:

Every day, your ovaries looks different. From day 1 to ovlation, monitoring ovarian follicle sizes are the most important job we have been done in IVF clinics.

Follicle size can indicate maturation of your eggs along with blood hormones.

Cyst check:

Having cyst may be a very common thing if you are going through IVF treatment.

There are several kind of cyst some may need few cycle ovarian rest, some may not affect any thing.

We can give a professional report. With your current blood hormone result, your doctor will be able to determine the treatment plan which fits you the most.

Ovulation check:

When you are in the certain point of treatment cycle, ovulation is a main event you will have to focus on. We can check the ovulation by series of ultrasound and also check your corpus luteum cyst after ovulation as a main part of the puzzle. Blood hormone is also reliable.

Post operation check:

After egg retrieval, after hysteroscopy, we can operate an transvaginal ultrasound to evaluate your recovery.

First trimester obstetric ultrasound:

Viability of gestation can be done as early as 5 week pregnancy. York Sac, Fetal Heart Rate and CRL are three most important criteria. Subchorionic hematoma is a most common complication in the first trimester pregnancy. Monitoring the size of hematoma can also give early pregnancy patient a piece of mind.